Monday, February 1, 2010

What Type Are You?

It's an interactive piece where you answer simple questions and the "psychiatrist" analyzes what typeface best matches your personality. Give it a try here: What Type Are You? This looks like it was a holiday promo from the award-winning ad agency Pentagram, so I'm a little late on the draw. I'm taking the chance that you haven't seen it yet. I thought it was hilarious!

I was Dot Matrix. Not sure I agree with that. It's not my favorite typeface. Please share what type you are!

Take care,


marzi said...

i am archer hairline. i like that font so i'll take it!

Jill said...

I'm glad there are some different outcomes. I just learned Carey of Lasso'd Moon was dot matrix too. I was starting to get suspicious.

Nicole said...

I'm Archer Hairline too! I was cracking up at the hand motions during 'ideas are like milk... best served fresh...' :)

found you via BYW - love your idea to share more about Typography... its an area I'm interested in + I find myself drawn to, but with no design background I find it overwhelming to learn ... would love to have someone help navigate it!

Jill said...

Nicole, I'd be happy to help you navigate through typography. I'm loving BYW so far, how about you?

kbdesign said...

I am archer hairline too-love that font!

Jill said...

You are all getting cool typefaces and I got dot matrix. What's up with that!? It's not exactly the most versitle face. I think I'll have to work it into a project for a design challenge!

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