Monday, February 22, 2010

Mesu Measuring Bowls

I bought these bowls at the 2005 How Conference in Chicago. They were designed by Jennifer Panepinto as a design project while she was getting her Masters in Design at the School of Visual Arts. She was dieting and was sick of measuring, so she created a set of bowls she could measure in and then just eat the food right out of them. Genius! I'm dusting mine off again as I journey down another (and hopefully last) weight loss trail. Jennifer's site say the bowls are out of production, but if you go to her site, you sign up for her mailing list of new product announcements. (I did see a couple on ebay)

Have a great day!

All images are owned by Jennifer Panepinto, LLC


Jutta said...

Those bowls are so cute!

I mentioned you on my blog today, if you'd like you can see it here

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

the MESU bowls are still available here ... (searched ALL OVER the INTERNET and finally found 'em...)

Anonymous said...

broke a mesu bowl sad until I read your lead where to buy them...and I did!
thanks so much for the info

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