Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Card Swap Love

I had so much fun with the Valentine's Day swap organized by Carina at, that I just had to share. There is nothing like getting cards in the mail, no matter what the age. These were really special, because they were hand-made by fellow bloggers. So each of us were to make cards for the 2 people we were assigned. I was lucky enough to get Gabby Hanlin, card 1 and Ashley Mouton, card 2 as my swap mates. I loved their cards and the sweet notes they included. Truly lovely! I also thought it was quite ironic that each of their cards were in the same color family. They must have been channeling each other!

I have also included 2 pics of the cards I made for Gabby and Ashley. I create cards for a living, but this was a little different because I was making 2 and not thousands, so the sky was the limit, glitter, envelope liner, double layer, rounded corners and sparkly paper. I had such a fun time, can you tell? I had glitter everywhere. I found this great stamp of wood grain and used a glue stamp pad and then glittered the you-know-what out of those cards.

So here's to getting your hands glittery and recapturing a little of your childhood. It really got me motivated to work on my Jilly Jack note card designs that I have been procrastinating on.

Have you done anything lately out of the norm that has motivated or inspired you to be creative? Please share!

Take care!


marzi said...

those are so cool jill! i've only gotten one of mine. :( boo.

Jill said...

Thanks. That's a bummer, I hope you get your other card!

GOSIA said...

Jill! this new header of yours is simply fantastic. I love it very much!

Jill said...

Thanks Gosia!

carina said...

Jill, your card is SO cute. The name of my new business venture is "Squirrel Love Nut" and my jaw dropped when I saw your adorable design for the swap. Wish I'd ended up matched with you! ;)

Jill said...

That is sooo funny Carina! My son has this think for squirrels, so that's why I chose it. Love the new business name!

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