Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jilly Jack is Back in the House

Literally and figuratively! I've been absent from my blog, working diligently towards the National Stationery Show. It's been quite a whirl wind affair, to say the least! Now that I'm back, it's time to do follow-ups with retailers and media alike. No rest for the weary and the crazy ;-)

I met some amazing folks during the show. I find most stationery designers to be really helpful and friendly. I don't think you'd find that to be the case at most trade shows. I brought my hubby, Dave, along for the ride for the first time. He was a real trooper! He says he has a new found appreciation for what I do. He endured sore feet and expensive cab rides. He was my unofficial twitter jockey at the show and was thrilled to be retweeted by industry pros! Plus he got to watch a taping of Letterman, so not bad for a week in NYC.

We had some amazing food as well. We stayed a block away from Hell's Kitchen and had two amazing meals there. The first was at the Thai restaurant called Room Service at 690 9th Avenue. The decor was just as the amazing at the food. The pomegranate mojito wasn't bad either! The other great meal we had was at the Eatery on 9th and 53rd. The food, company and service was exceptional. Our favorite dessert was the cupcakes my cousin Tyler brought us from Billy's Bakery. Thanks Ty! He brought us 4 and we each had one, the maids either ate or tossed the other 2. I hope they ate them, so at least some one got to enjoy them. They were boxed and in a bag on the desk, not sure what was up with that!

All is good. I hope you are all doing well too! I will leave you with a few pics of the two new product lines we launched at the show. Our custom everyday stationery album and our custom wedding letterpress album.

Take care,

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