Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love my Fan Book

If you'd ask me to pick one tool, other than my computer for designing, I would choose my Pantone solid to process fan book. It has never steered me wrong and is a must for choosing colors for corporate identities. The point being that not all spot pms colors translate well into 4-color process. So I always use this book when choosing colors to make sure they work in both spot and cmyk applications. And never trust the color on your screen. Everyone's screen is different, so if you are designing for print you need to specify your color from a Pantone Matching System (PMS) Book. If you're really a big deal and have a lot of money, Pantone will make you your own spot color, like Tiffinay & Company and their famous Tiffany Blue.

As you can see by my photo, my book is really well used, and I probably need to get a new one. The colors fade with age and that isn't good for color matching. And it is still blue week, Go Colts!

Have a great day!


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