Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Passion for paper

While exhibiting at the National Stationery Show last year, I picked up some amazing swatch books from GMUND. My particular favorite is Savanna, a collection of paper inspired by Africa. It comes in eight shades, four with wood embossing and the rest are either a matt or structured surface. All are beautiful, however, my pick is Bubinga. I love the dark rich brown and the texture of the wood is fantastic.


cartolina said...

I have this swatch book too - love it. I wanted to use the pebble finished one(can't remember its name) for our notebook covers because it's textured and coated but it was really expensive. Too bad. Could just be the Canadian price. Gmund are in the process of coming out with their own line of stationery similar to WNP, did you know that?

Jill said...


That paper would look amazing on your notebook covers, I agree about the price though. It is expensive. And I didn't know they were coming out with their own stationery line. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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