Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Color Purple

Here is an inspiration board of all things purple. I'm not suggesting anyone wear all these items at once! It's just a collection of finds from the internet that I find lovely.

1. The purple leather cuff can be found on

2, 3, 4. The fabulously flirty dress, necklace and pillow may all be found at Anthropologie

5. I found the Sasha bobby pins very charming found at Etsy store NinjaBowTique

6. These shoes are simply fabulous and eco-friendly to boot. I own a similar pair. They are made of natural silk with certified organic cotton laces and souls made from recycled car tires. I love mine. Simple Shoes.

7. I fell in love with this rings simplicity and deep color. You can find it in Etsy at UntamedStone's shop.

All images are property of their respective companies.

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